Marion Palace Theatre

Can You Hear Me Now? – September 2019

Can You Hear Me Now? – September 2019


“Can you hear me now?” Do you remember those Verizon commercials? Who doesn’t?

Paul Marcarelli, the American actor who is currently the spokesperson for Sprint, is best known for being the “Can you hear me now?” character in those Verizon Wireless commercials that aired from 2002 to 2011. He was everywhere, as was Verizon’s message.

At the Palace, we’re working to make sure you can “hear” us, and we have a couple of new ways to add to the list of options for learning about Palace events.

Marion Star Editor Ben Lanka has agreed to print a Palace column on the first Sunday of each month. The first edition ran in the August 4 paper; both in print and online. We are incredibly grateful for this new point of contact with Marion Star readers and current and potential Palace patrons. We hope you’ll support our local paper and keep us in print. Thanks in advance for checking out the new column. If you read it online, please be sure to share it so others can read it, too.

Many of you told us you listened to our Morning Magazine spot on a weekly basis on WMRN-AM. We were sad to lose that opportunity to connect with listeners when iHeart changed their programming line-up, but I have good news to share! Change isn’t bad; it’s just different.

iHeart will continue to broadcast what’s happening at the Palace via a new format. Podcasts of interviews between Randy Bigley and me will air bi-monthly. The podcasts will run anywhere from 15-22 minutes in length; about the same length as the Morning Magazine interviews. iHeart will publish the recordings on Wednesdays or Fridays. The Palace podcasts can also work in artist interviews like you heard previously before Palace concerts. It’s fun to hear artists’ stories in their own words. Once we reach 100 unique listeners, we will have our own podcast under the iHeart umbrella.

While you have to use your computer or cell phone to access the podcasts, rather than your radio, these new podcasts still give us a voice into your home and an opportunity to share all the great things we have planned for you at the Palace this season.

While I hope these new avenues of information are helpful and will get plenty of exposure, this newsletter is a great way to have our message delivered directly to your mailbox or your inbox. If you know of others who are looking to stay in touch with what’s happening at the Palace, please have them contact the box office staff. We’d love to add them to our USPS or electronic mailing list.

We have a great season in store so stay tuned, and we’ll keep checking in to make sure you can “hear us now.” In the meantime, turn the page for all that’s coming to YOUR Palace Theatre in the next few weeks.

Warm regards,