Marion Palace Theatre

Celebrate the Good – December 2017

Celebrate the Good – December 2017

The holidays are a great time for us to celebrate the good.

While there are many good things in our community to focus on, I love the good that the arts bring to our lives.

The arts are healing. They are inclusive. They honor diversity while offering a commonality. The arts are collaborative. They bring a sense of celebration and maybe even escape as we turn aside from the day to day grind of life to experience a few moments of entertainment. Often in those moments there is stress relief, which offers our minds an opportunity to reset. We get a fresh perspective.
For a few minutes or even hours the arts provide us with an opportunity to join together with others –our family, our friends, and even strangers – for a stage production, a concert, a film. We are united in those moments through a shared experience. And it is good.

There is enough pain. There is enough sorrow and loss. One only needs to read the headlines to be aware of it. We can’t ignore it, but we can benefit from an opportunity to change our focus and step away; even if only temporarily.

Consider this your invitation to experience the good of the arts. Please join us at the Palace for any of our upcoming programming. Bring your family. Bring a friend. Enjoy your experience with a room full of people you’ve never met. Give some concert tickets or a gift certificate this Christmas. Together let’s celebrate the life enriching experiences that this historic theatre brings to our community through the performance arts.

We are blessed to have the Palace in our own back yard. Let’s enjoy the good the arts provide.

Celebrating the good with you and yours this holiday season…