Marion Palace Theatre

Director’s Chair – September 2015

Director’s Chair – September 2015

It’s time for another update from the Director’s Chair….that’s code for how I see things from my corner office in the business suite. A lot has happened since my last writing.

Our long time technical director Steve Beltz retired from his position here at the Palace. We sure were sorry to see him go and sent him off with best wishes for whatever his future holds. Right on the heels of his leaving was the most incredibly huge summer musical we’ve ever tackled. Mary Poppins was mind-blowing, and we owe a debt of gratitude to some amazing volunteers who stepped in to fill Steve’s big shoes. Duane Stolzfus and Terry Bechtle tackled lights and sound with skill. We appreciate both of them, as well as all the other volunteers on the technical team for their time and support of the show. Additional thanks to Clare and her artistic team, as well as the musicians and cast. What a gift you all gave us this summer.

And speaking of volunteers, we had a very nice volunteer appreciation dinner on August 20 to honor our dedicated volunteer corps. We so appreciate all you do for the Palace. Volunteer Coordinator Jill Rinker did a fantastic job planning that special event.

In other news….MOVIES ARE BACK! All the reviews have been extremely positive. The picture is amazing. The sound is crisp and clear. Thank you, Lisa Brammer and Kreig Hitz, for mastering that beast of a digital system. We’ve offered a variety of movie titles, giving everyone an opportunity to come and check it out. If you haven’t been here for a film yet, I hope you’ll plan to join us soon. You’ll be glad you did.

The restoration project is moving right along. First up is new steel, which they tell me is ready for installation as soon as the old steel gets removed. Folks, it’s going to get pretty ugly out front before it gets any better. But the end results will be a structurally sound and historically preserved front façade. It’s going to be amazing! We’re in the home stretch for fundraising….just $175,000 to go as of this writing with a few promised gifts yet to arrive. If you’d like to help us reach that $1.8 million goal, we’d sure appreciate your contribution to the cause.

Great programming is just ahead so stay tuned to the website, read your Applause and check in on Facebook and Twitter. You don’t want to miss any of this season’s outstanding talent…touring OR local!

Until next time…