Marion Palace Theatre

December 2019 “Gifts — for Giving and Receiving”

December 2019 “Gifts — for Giving and Receiving”


Bev Ford, Executive Director


For some, the word “gifts” issues a reminder of shopping to be done. It can mean the hustle and bustle of fighting lines at the checkout or feelings of anxiety at finding just the right thing to give someone at a family gathering you’d rather not attend. What does it stir in you?

The word “gifts” unleashes a host of thoughts for me. Crashing its way into my mind is this — I love giving gifts!

Yes, physically. Tangibly. I love to give the kinds of gifts people unwrap. But beyond that, some of my favorite gifts come in the forms of a thank you note, a smile, an act of service, or even a compliment given to a complete stranger. These are gifts we all cherish.

The biggest gift giving season is upon us. Here at the Palace, we are often fortunate to be the receivers of many good gifts. One that we celebrate often and remain grateful for is the gift of talent that so many share with us.
Some creative “elves” from the Artisans Guild have given us an early gift. They dressed our lobby tree with this year’s theme, peppermint. There are adorable red and white ornaments of varying shapes and sizes. Whatever their theme, and there have been many, we can count on a beautifully decorated tree. We are grateful they choose to share their gift of talent with us here at the Palace.

A giant gift and annual tradition involves many of your family members, neighbors, co-workers, and friends and the talent they share. They have been busying themselves to unwrap the gift of Christmas at the Palace 2019: “Ring in the Season.” Creative mastermind Clare Cooke has put together a fresh story line, novel acts, and music to stir up the peace, love, and joy this season shares. The audience even plays a role in this year’s show!
Also, by request of our patrons, we have added a second show option to help create some additional Christmas memories. Touring artist Lisa Rock will be here with her show, A Carpenters Christmas, and she’ll be joined by the choirs of Dayspring Wesleyan Church. It’s sure to be a spectacular show.

Of all the gifts you can give or receive this season, please consider the arts. Bring your family. Bring a friend. Enjoy your experience with a room full of people you’ve never met. Give some concert tickets or a gift certificate this Christmas. Together let’s celebrate the gift of life enriching experiences that this historic theatre gives to our community throughout the year.

Whether your ideal holiday season opens with visions of sugar plums, city sidewalks – busy sidewalks, dreams of silent nights, or not a creature stirring, I hope you’ll take a few moments to “Ring in the Season” along with us at the Palace.

We wish you joyous and memorable celebrations in the weeks ahead!