Marion Palace Theatre

It’s A Labor of Love – November 2018

It’s A Labor of Love – November 2018

High fives. A pat on the back. Group hugs. And laughs all around. Another local cast has come together and rehearsals have begun.

This same process has been taking place for decades — Marion Little Theatre, Marion Community Theatre and now Palace Produced Events. Each group, under the direction of great talent like Marilyn Babich, Ula Watts, Clare Cooke, and others involved before my time at the Palace, has written their chapter in the history of Marion’s incredible performing talent.

Individuals with all different back stories and life experiences have been gathering center stage with an end goal in mind; a local production to entertain community members, co-workers, family and friends. It’s a labor of love.

Love for the stage. Love for the performing arts. Love for the Palace.

This community has loved this Theatre for 90 years. Our recent Facebook series of #90YearsIn90Days has helped us relive, rediscover, or uncover for the first time some hidden treasures or little known facts about this magnificent facility. We hope you have enjoyed this look back. It continues until November 28. If you haven’t checked out those Facebook posts, be sure to do so. There are some truly unique insights into the Palace.

A look at our history can serve as inspiration for our future. What can we do today that will build upon the efforts of those who worked so hard before us? I don’t know what the dreams and aspirations were of those who gave their talent to Little and Community Theatre groups. Could they have imagined what productions would look like in 2018? They inspire me to do more because I see the value of the foundation they laid.

I often ask myself, “How can we grow the influence and impact of the performing arts for our community and this region?” Ninety years of history is an inspirational launching pad for more great plans in the future.

I invite you to get inspired. Expose yourself and your family to the influence and impact of the performing arts this holiday season. Christmas at the Palace is another labor of love that unwraps the power and the presence of the arts in our community.

Bev Ford, Executive Director