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Resolve to experience the performing arts – January 2018

Resolve to experience the performing arts – January 2018

There is a light snow falling across downtown Marion and Christmas music playing as I write this column. It seems hard to believe another calendar year has come and gone. By the time you read this, all the holiday trimmings will be wrapped up and put away for another year, and maybe you, like me, will be considering all the opportunities that are ahead for you in 2018.

What will you do with this New Year? Will it be business as usual? Or will you resolve to make some changes – try something new, branch out, become a volunteer, meet new people? How about resolving to add a new experience to your life each month of the year?

New years are good times for thinking about such things and challenging ourselves. There’s something about a clean slate that inspires us and gives us a new sense of adventure. We rebuild our resolve to be different than we’ve been in the previous year. It’s a good thing.

We invite you to take a new adventure with us at the Palace. Include the arts as you embrace the New Year. We challenge you to let 2018 inspire you to try a new genre of entertainment.
January officially ushers in the second half of our season line-up and with it is a diverse line-up of entertainment opportunities. Chances are those opportunities are things you’ve never seen nor heard before. But we are fully convinced they are experiences you will enjoy!

Take a chance on a concert by amazing musicians, as Presidio Brass blows us away. Prepare to share a laugh with a kid (or a kid at heart) when Mark Nizer turns juggling into a 4D experience with a light show extravaganza. Need a night to relax? Sit back and soak up the sounds of sibling harmonies as award-winning Bluegrass band Flatt Lonesome fills the Palace auditorium with stand-out instrumentals and vocals.

These shows and all remaining shows in the 2017-18 season offer new adventures in the arts. So branch out. Invite your family. Invite your friends. Resolve to include the performing arts in your 2018 plans. You won’t be sorry!

Warm regards,