Marion Palace Theatre

You are the Force Behind the Positive Influence of the Arts – February 2018

You are the Force Behind the Positive Influence of the Arts – February 2018

Someone recently pointed out that every time they hear me on the radio, I am forever thanking someone for something. That’s because I don’t think you can ever say “thank you” enough. And beyond that, there is always someone worthy of our gratitude.

The Palace is, very gratefully, the recipient of a good deal of generosity. And we don’t take that for granted. Every project. Every show. Every ad, membership, sponsorship, ticket is funded by someone who believes in what this organization stands for and steps forward in support. As a result, good things happen. Yes, you are the force behind the positive influence of the arts and the work of the Palace.

Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission through arts camps and classes, through performances by touring artists and local performers, through hardware and software improvements, and building upgrades. Thank you for donations great and small used to purchase Pavilion risers, tables, and chairs, to replace auditorium and office heating and cooling units, to upgrade ticketing computers and related software. Thank you for supporting artistic outreach into the schools and for giving students cultural experiences. Thank you for braving the weather, for trying something new, and for admitting with a smile that you “actually enjoyed it.” Together we have accomplished good work, and we have enriched the lives of the residents of this community and the surrounding counties, even across this state and beyond.

If you haven’t personally heard me say thank you lately, then please allow me to say it now. Thank you. If you have contributed in some way to the theatre over the course of the 2017-18 season, please know that your generosity and support have not gone unnoticed. You make all the difference, and we are grateful for you.

With appreciation,