Marion Palace Theatre

CELEBRATE All That You Hold Dear – December 2016

CELEBRATE All That You Hold Dear – December 2016

Hello, friends.

As this edition of the Applause makes its way to your mailbox or into your inbox, we are closing in on the holidays–Thanksgiving AND Christmas. And, yes, that means the New Year is not too far off.
What a joyous season. A time to reflect on all we hold dear, even more so than at other times.

One thing that made it to the top of my list this year is that I am grateful to be part of a community where hope is rising and good things are happening. There are efforts being made at many levels to raise our community to a new sense of pride; to restore our belief that Marion is a hometown worth celebrating.

We are 100% behind that message.

This year the theme for Christmas at the Palace is “A Christmas Homecoming.” You can expect to hear great music and enjoy beautiful dancing. You can count on some laughter and poignant moments, too. But beyond that, we hope you’ll get a sense that we treasure our hometown of Marion, Ohio. Some special guests are making their way home to help us make that point.

I invite you to take a moment to think about it. From our historic sites to locally owned shops and restaurants, Marion is unique. From local talent on stage to versatile, cutting-edge educational facilities, Marion leads the way. From established manufacturers to recreational opportunities, Marion is strong.

Marion is our hometown. We invite you to celebrate the hope that is rising in Marion.  What’s on your “things we hold dear” list?

I hope your holiday season includes some time to CELEBRATE Marion, CELEBRATE the Palace, and CELEBRATE all that you hold dear!

With gratitude,