Upcoming Auditions

Upcoming Auditions

Because the Palace Cultural Arts Association’s mission includes “fostering appreciation, education, and participation in the arts,” the PCAA Board of Directors and Management are committed to creating opportunities for people to experience the performing arts not just from the seat but from the stage as well. Future opportunities to participate in local Palace produced events are listed below.


2023/2024 Audition Opportunities


The Marion Palace Theatre Is Proud To Announce




Auditions:  1-4pm, June 25th in May Pavilion

Performances:  August 18, 19 & 20, 2023, May Pavilion

Auditioners should come prepared with a contemporary music theatre piece and be prepared to read from the script.
An accompanist will be provided.
Rehearsals will begin July 17
Diana:  Mother, 30s-40s. Delusional bipolar depressive. Strong rock mezzo belt
Gabe:  Her son, almost 18. Rock tenor
Dan:  Her husband 30s-40s. Rock tenor/baritone
Natalie:  Her daughter, 16, rock mezzo belt
Henry, Natalie’s boyfriend, 17, a stoner/slacker, rock tenor
Dr. Madden: On the young side of ageless. A rock star
Dr. Fine:  Diana’s psychopharmacologist. (May be played by same actor as Dr. Madden)




Audition:  August 27, 1-4pm, Main Theatre,

Performances:  October 6, 7, & 8, 2023

Ages:  8 and up

If interested in a speaking role, auditioners are required to prepare a short solo and read from the script.
For those interested in chorus, auditioners will learn a short song and sing with a group.
Nemo – A curious young clownfish
Marlin – Nemo’s anxious and over-protective father
Dory – An optimistic, bubbly blue tang with short term memory loss
Coral – Nemo’s brave mom, and Marlin’s Wife
Pearl – An excitable and friendly octopus
Sheldon – A water-intolerant seahorse with an appetite for trouble
Tad – An obnoxious butterflyfish
Professor Ray – Nemo’s enthusiastic stingray teacher
Scuba Mask Dancer – A performer who floats the diver’s mask through the water
Bruce – The intimidating ringleader of the sharks who is a vegetarian
Chum and Anchor, – Two of Bruce’s loyal shark cronies
Bubbles – A friendly yellow tang
Bloat – an open-minded and supportive blowfish
Gurgle – A nervous royal gamma fish
Peach – A mature starfish
Gill – A relentless, scarred leader of the aquarium
Nigel – A friendly, sharp-eyed pelican
Crush – A laid-back 150 year old sea turtle
Squirt – The fearless offspring of Crush
Ensemble – A Sea Chorus of an assortment of creatures