School Matinee Series

School Matinee Series

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 2021-2022  School Matinee Series is postponed.

The School Matinee Series is programming that links the arts and education by offering students exposure to live performances that support curriculum content. The School Matinee Series underscores the importance of literacy, science, math, social studies, and behavioral concepts related to conflict resolution, kindness, and relationships with family and peers. These concepts are presented in fun, musical productions performed by professional touring troupes. Students enjoy learning while being entertained in the area’s largest “classroom.”

For reservations please contact the School Matinee Coordinator by phone, (740) 383-2101 or by e-mail, When making reservations, indicate all special seating needs for those with walkers and/or wheelchairs. Performances are scheduled for 10am & 12:45pm. Admission is $4. Educators receive free admission.


Dog Man: The Musical
Friday, September 25, 2020 – SHOW CANCELLED
Grades 2-5

Best buds George and Harold have been creating comics for years, but now that they’re in 5th grade, they figure it’s time to level up and write a musical based on their favorite character, Dog Man, the crimebiting sensation who is part dog, part man, and ALL HERO!! How hard could it be?

With the head of a dog and the body of a policeman, Dog Man loves to fight crime and chew on the furniture. But while trying his best to be a good boy, can he save the city from Flippy the cyborg fish and his army of Beasty Buildings? Can he catch Petey, the world’s most evil cat, who has cloned himself to exact revenge on the doggy do-gooder? And will George and Harold finish their show before lunchtime?? Find out in this epic musical adventure featuring the hilarity and heart of Dav Pilkey’s beloved characters. A TheatreWorks USA Production. 60 minutes.

Curriculum Connections: ►Communications  ►Language Arts ►Creative Writing  ►Music
Themes: ►Teamwork  ►Friendship  ►Imagination  ►Play-writing  ►Inventing

The Pout-Pout Fish
Monday, October 26, 2020 SHOW CANCELLED
Grades PreK-2

Turn the poutiest of frowns upside down in this new musical featuring whimsical puppets and live performers in a sweeping oceanic adventure. When Mr. Fish sets out on a quest to find Miss Clam’s missing pearl, he discovers there is more to him than his permanently plastered pout.

This colorful adaptation of The New York Times bestseller is co-conceived, directed, and designed by the acclaimed puppeteers of AchesonWalsh Studios, whose work was featured in Broadway’s The King And I, On the Town, and Radio City’s New York Spectacular. Writing team includes New Victory LabWorks Residency recipients Christopher Anselmo, Jared Corak, Matt Acheson, and Fergus Walsh. A TheatreWorksUSA Production. 50 minutes.

Curriculum Connections: ►Communication and Language Arts  ►Music  ►Aquatic Creatures
Themes:  ►Confidence  ►Adventure  ►Friendship  ►Teamwork

SchoolHouse Rock Live!
Monday, November 23, 2020SHOW CANCELLED
Grades 2-5

Childsplay Theatre explodes onto the stage updated for a whole new generation with imaginative image projections and a rock’n’roll feel. The live performance centers around Tom, a nervous young man on his first day of being a schoolteacher, who turns on the television to calm himself down and is visited by three aspects of his personality who remind him how learning can be fun.

Childsplay brings the classic Saturday morning cartoons to life with SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! Originally aired on the ABC television network from 1973-1985, then revived in the 90s and 00s, Schoolhouse Rock was a collection of clever, animated shorts that taught academic topics including grammar, mathematics, civics and science.

Academic subjects will never seem boring again when presented through mega-hits like “Conjunction Junction,” “Just a Bill,” “Interplanet Janet” or “Three is a Magic Number. 60 minutes.

Curriculum Connections: ►Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Grammar   ►Fine Arts: Music, Dance, and Performance   ►Science: Solar System, Circulatory System   ►Math: Counting by 3’s, Counting by 5’s   ►Social Studies: History, The Constitution, Women’s Rights

Cowboy Camp
Friday, January 22, 2021 SHOW CANCELLED

Grades PreK-2

Howdy pardner! Join us for Cowboy Camp which tells the story of Avery, a boy who wants to be a cowboy more than anything in the world. When a local bully rides into Cowboy Camp, does Avery have what it takes to be an honest to goodness cowboy?

This beautifully adapted literature-based musical addresses the important topic of conflict resolution. Based on the book Cowboy Camp, published by Sterling Children’s Books, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York. With it’s sweet characterization and dynamic story, students will enjoy this wonderful take on how to stay true to ourselves! 55 minutes.

Curriculum Connections: ►Conflict Resolution   ►Literature Based  ►Music   ►Values Based