Marion Palace Theatre

Experience the Palace. Experience the Arts. – October 2016

Experience the Palace. Experience the Arts. – October 2016

Did you know the Palace Theatre turned 88 just a few months back? It’s true. Can you believe it? Eighty-eight years young.

This historic facility has been at the center of downtown activity for all those years. Thousands have experienced the beauty that is the Palace; from the 3200 on opening night, August 30, 1928, to the 60,000 who passed through her doors in 2015. What a gift V.U. Young (commissioned the building of the theatre) and John Eberson (architect for the project) provided this community and the surrounding regions.

There’s no denying she’s a beauty. Breathtaking is actually the word that “outsiders” often ascribe to our Palace. We agree. Only 16 Eberson-built atmospheric theatres remain. The others have experienced the blow of a wrecking ball or been transformed into multiplexes or storage facilities.

We are blessed. So many, for so long have loved this building and all that happens inside her walls. Because you have, we continue to enjoy the performing arts and current films at the Palace.

As we welcome October and the bulk of our season, we invite you to look around once again. Take note of the uniqueness that is the Marion Palace Theatre. Enjoy the splendor of its Spanish design. And while you’re at it, allow yourself to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Be inspired by a movie. Let your imagination soar as local performers bring a story to life. Get carried away by the music.

Experience the Palace. Experience the Arts.

Hope to see you soon,