Marion Palace Theatre

Director’s Chair – November 2015

Director’s Chair – November 2015

We talk a lot about our volunteers here at the Palace, and rightfully so. They are the backbone of operations any time we open the doors for our audiences. Last month in my column I made mention of a few specific volunteers and the amazing job they recently did for us. There is one group of volunteers who also deserve a moment in the spotlight, and that is the PCAA Board of Directors.  As we plunge headlong into our season, plug away at the restoration, and begin planning for new policies and future programming, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the men and women who hold a seat on this board. You’ll find their names listed below:

Andy Harper, Chair                              Sue Jacob              

Jeff Baldauf, Vice Chair                        John Keggan, Emeritus

Mike Stuckey, Secretary                       Jen Knotts

David Kasmenn, Treasurer                  Scott Ruth

Clare Cooke                                           Tom Schifer          

Dan Dreher                                           Bill Tabbert

Drew Ellerkamp                                    Jordan Treadway

Luke Henry                                            Chelsea Van Meter

Scott Hoffman                                      Emily Yaksic          

You’ll find the members of this working board fulfilling part of their duties prior to our live shows as they serve as greeters and distribute and collect surveys from you. Please be sure to thank them for their time and their expertise, which they generously share with me and this amazing organization. They invest a great deal of time and energy and I’m grateful for them.

Until next time…