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Reflecting on the Season – June 2017

Reflecting on the Season – June 2017

While the lyrics to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” are just beginning to echo in my ears, and the staff is growing accustomed to me whistling “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead,” we’re standing at the most exciting point in our seasons. You read that right…seasons. Plural.

In the world of all things Palace, we have a definite overlap of seasons. It starts about April 1, when we roll out a new membership campaign, and it runs to July 1, when we actually turn the page to a new fiscal year and season line-up.

In that crossover period, if you will, I like to spend some time reflecting on all that has happened in the season we’re closing while still dreaming about all that is ahead.

While doing some reminiscing, I asked the staff what were some of their stand-out moments of the 2016-17 season. They shared things like:

  • Hiring additional staff to help lift the load
  • All the sold-out shows of the season
  • Launching the new website and the addition of the digital marquee
  • Box office staff winning the Customer Service Star Award (our thanks to the Marion CVB for that award! It was well deserved.)
  • The highest membership number on record
  • Skilled staff doing their jobs well
  • Hot water in the ladies’ rooms

The list goes on. It was an easy conversation and one that flowed naturally. No one had to drum things up or burn a bunch of brain cells to think of something meaningful to say. It was truly a great season, and we remain grateful for the support of this community.

As for that dreaming I mentioned? We’re gearing up for all that is ahead – from our summer musical season launch to big name touring artists, requested movie weekends to meaningful, memory-making events like graduations and wedding receptions, and all the auditions, rehearsals, and meetings that fill in the gaps – we anxiously await the opportunity to once again embrace the performing arts and to celebrate the role this historic venue plays in our community.

We look forward to sharing many, many special moments with you in the 2017-18 season. Why not join the journey early? Touch your toe to the yellow brick road as we kick off this season, and follow us for an exciting adventure over the next twelve months. It’s an adventure that’s filled with diverse entertainment opportunities and one that puts the Marion area’s finest talent center stage.

So come along…we think you’ll be glad you did.